Honey’s Honey 9gm Biodegradable straw

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Honey’s honey is a beautiful natural blend of organic honey and 17% full spectrum cannabinoid rich paste.

Each Oxo biodegradable straw contains approx 3mg cbd and 2.5mg cbda per 9g straw. This honey is perfect to help maintain your endocannaboid system to obtain a healthy balance. We take care in our infusion process and keep the honey within safe barriers to assure all it’s natural properties are not disturbed.

Due to the nature of honey keep stored at room temperature. If the honey recrystalises then stand the straw in a bowl of hot water until it returns to its golden state.

Grab some today “IT’S THE BEE’S KNEES!”

Ingredients: natural Organic Honey and Full Spectrum hemp extract 17%

THC Content 0.2% or Below

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