Super 6 Mushroom Complex

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A superior blend of 100% natural mushroom extract, for health and wellbeing

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Our super 6 mushroom complex capsules contain an equal blend of 6 powerful mushrooms all known for their amazing health benefits.

100% vegan friendly. 100% biodegradable packing and low waste. 100% natural ingredients, no fillers or packers just pure mushroom goodness

Our capsules are 400mg each and each capsule contains 33% of your reccomended daily allowance.

1 x capsule to be taken 3 times a day

Lions Mane 66.6mg

Cordyceps 66.6mg

Reishi 66.6mg

Turkey Tail 66.6mg

Chaga 66.6mg

Shittake 66.6mg

Please consult your gp before adding any supplement into your diet,

Keep out of the reach of children

Store in a cool dry place



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